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 Brief Introduction of Shuttering Magnets:

With the development of the construction industry, precast concrete has been regarded as a new generation of construction materials. This construction method has been widely used in many countries around the world.Precast shuttering magnets are one of the most important accessories for precast concrete formworks.  It can fix the side rails when pouring concrete to prevent cement from flowing out. Saixin's precast magnets are suitable for various formwork structures such as wood formwork and steel formwork.

 Structure of Shuttering Magnets:

It consists of a switchable NdFeB shuttering magnet unit, shell with magnetic block and fixing screws. The neodymium magnet and steel plate form a magnetic circuit with a strong attraction force, which is used to fix wooden or steel formwork. 
There is a control button on the top of the precast concrete magnet. When you press the button, this magnet uses the magnetic circuit holds the formworks firmly on the steel plate. When you turn off the button, you can easily change magnets' position. The two universal threaded holes on the top of the formwork magnet can be equipped with various adapters. You can use our products according to your needs.

 The Main Features of Shuttering Magnets:

  • ● Easy installation and effortless operation.
  • ● You can choose a fixed position at will, reducing installation time.
  • ● Low cost. Short payback period.
  • ● Long service life and reusable.
  • ● Adhesion force ranges from 450 Kg to 2100 Kg.
  • ● No welding process is required, and the magnetic force of the magnet can be used to fit the template.
  • ● Excellent applicability, the same prefabricated formwork magnet can be adapted to different concrete formworks.
 Maintenance And Safety Guidelines
1)In order to avoid the magnet box damaging, do not crash and use hard tools to knock it. Please knock with rubber hammer if must use tools.
2) Shuttering Magnet Box touching surface should be kept clean and smooth, avoid the scrap iron or concrete grout going inside the box, otherwise the button flexible degree will be affected and the magnet will be slanted, caused the magnet can not be fixed on the platform closely and the suction weakened.
3)As suction of magnet box is very strong, please avoid closing it to precision instruments,electronic instruments and other iron material. Once they absorb together, it is difficult to separate. Suggest making special tool box to keep them.
4)Magnet box touching surface should be kept clean and smooth always. And it should be oiled when storage. Max working and storage temperature should be below 80℃, and no corrosive medium around. Always check if the working surface fix the platform closely and the button flexible degree to ensure the normal use.
5) After using, clean the magnet boxes, and put on stainless steel tool holder. Do not use iron tool holder.

Shuttering Magnets Series (450KGS-2100KGS)

Our main products include SAIXIN® brand  magnet box and accessories, magnetic shuttering, magnetic chamfer and all kinds of insert magnets and bushing magnets. SAIXIN magnet box is a new magnetic fixture which is designed for fixing precast concrete shuttering, compared to the traditional way of bolted fixing, magnet box can be disassembled quickly with flexible operation, strong holding force, and consequently improve the work efficiency, reduce man power, low down the wastage of the steel platform, now the magnet box is used widely in PC industry.

SAIXIN® shuttering magnets meet your requirements at all times.

Magnet shuttering box main dimension and technical parameters

Shuttering Magnets Application

Shuttering magnets offer an ideal range of applications which are perfectly suitable for all kinds of formwork construction, both for wood and steel shutterings.
SAIXIN® shuttering magnets is made of permanent neodymium magnets, which has strong holding force. The magnet system can be activate and deactivate when you push the button. With the accordingly developed adaptor, SAIXIN® shuttering magnets meet your requirements at all times.
More shuttering magnets applicaton >>

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