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Tools for Shuttering Magnets

Tools for shuttering magnets include: shuttering magnet handle, shuttering magnet tightening tool, shuttering magnet release tool, shuttering magnet installation kit, shuttering magnet positioning gauge, shuttering magnet lifting tool, shuttering magnet maintenance kit, shuttering magnet removal tool, shuttering magnet storage rack, shuttering magnet cleaning brush.


Shuttering magnets are an essential tool for holding formwork in place during concrete pouring and construction. In addition to the basic shuttering magnet, there are several important shuttering magnets tools and accessories that are necessary for their efficient use. These include the shuttering magnet handle, which allows for easy repositioning of the magnets, the tightening tool for securely fastening the magnets to the formwork, and the release tool for safely removing the magnets after the concrete has set. The installation kit includes all the necessary components for securely attaching the magnets to the formwork, while the positioning gauge ensures accurate placement. The lifting tool and maintenance kit help to prolong the life and usability of the magnets, while the removal tool and storage rack provide for safe and organized storage when not in use. Finally, the cleaning brush is essential for maintaining the magnets in good working condition. Together, these tools and accessories ensure the proper functioning and longevity of shuttering magnets in construction projects.

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