Providing Solutions of Magnetic Fixing to Precast Concrete Industry





Factory of shuttering magnets
Solutions of Magnetic Fixing to Precast Concrete Industry

Shuttering Magnets

Precast Concrete Magnets are designed for fixing precast concrete shuttering, compared with the traditional way of screwing nut and other mechanical fixing way.It is made of permanent neodymium magnets, which has very strong holding force. With the ON/OFF button to control the internal magnetic strength, the shuttering magnet blocks can be at work or closed state, without external power supply. When shuttering magnet is at work state, the touching surface hold tightly onto the platform. When using lever to pull up the button, most of the holding force is shielded and greatly reduced, so the shuttering magnet can be removed easily.

Magnetic Shuttering Systems

Magnetic Shuttering Systems have good outstanding qualities under tough practical testing. Our magnetic shuttering systems can be used flexibly, rapidly, safely and efficiently in every field. 
1.High-performance magnets, strong force secure the shuttering against sliding.
2.Easy positioning, fixing and removal of the shuttering, either in manual, crane or robotic handling. 
3.Provide a cost effective, efficient solutions for the production of high quality precast concrete elements.
4.Special tailor-made shape, height & length, on the basis of your individual requirements.
We also can produce shuttering as per your design.

Adapters & Assembly Parts

SAIXIN Adapters for the quick fixation of window and door recesses, wood shutterings, fibre concrete upstands and other shuttering elements.Adapter System offers countless application possibilities. Special tailor-made adapters on the basis of your individual requirements can be matched perfectly to our standard magnets as well.

Insert Magnet Series

SAIXIN Insert Magnets series are designed and developed for various embedded parts of precast concrete, During precast concrete production process, we need to embed various switch holes, pile holes and connection or lifting sockets. Using SAIXIN insert magnets to fix the embedded parts, magnets secure the parts against sliding and slipping. Our products are durable, cost-saving, easy-to-use and efficient.  
Why Choose Us
We have been designing and producing shuttering magnets and magnetic assemblies for precast concrete since 2008. We have rich experiences in this field and have high quality standard.We supply high quality products but with competitive price comparing to Germany or other brands. Our clients are all over the world, especially from Middle East, Australia, South America, Russia, and South East Asia where the prefabricated construction is developing rapidly.

Original Factory

We are a professional manufacturing factory, and many of the trading companies are purchased from us, so we have competitive prices.

Professional Equipment

All products are manufactured by high quality equipment to ensure excellent quality and long service life.

Short Delivery Period

With a large delivery period, our factory warehouse stores a large inventory, it can supply large orders with timely delivery.

Quality Guaranteed

High quality products with more than 10 years of manufacturing experience.

Worldwide Sales and Service

The factory exports directly to all part of the world.


With strong design and research and development capabilities, we guarantee continuous innovation and meet customer needs.
Precast Formwork System Application
Along with the development of the industrialization of construction in many developing countries, magnetic fixtures in the PC industry has been widely recognized and applied in production, using our expertise in magnetic components and experience of supporting for prefabricated building industry, we have already begun to serve numerous well-known concrete elements manufacturing plants.
Laser Cutting Machine - TruLaser 3060, TruLaser 3040,  (Max Cuttting Size: 2m x 4m , Max Sheet thickness: mild steel 20mm stainless steel 12mm, aluminum 8mm)
Bending Machine - Accurpress 560060, (Max lenght 6m, max sheet thickness 12mm)
Levelig Mahchine - sheet thickness 1-23mm, max width 1850mm  etc...


In order to improve our popularity, let more international customers know about us, our company advertised in FEB.,2019 issue of the magazine CPI (Concrete Plant International). Our advertisement is in page309, Welcome to check it. 

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    Moving to New Address

    Sep.20th is the day of the relocation of Saixin Company . As the company expands, Saixin Company needs to purchase new factories due to business development. After owning a single factory building, the company has all relocated to Building 28 , Yinggong Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park,

    22 09 2023
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    Assembled Research | Magnet Formwork

    Assembled Research | Magnet Formwork The prefabricated concrete magnet formwork is composed of formwork steel bar and embedded magnetic suction cup system. The steel formwork can be made into various sizes to apply to the side formwork of different concrete components. Through the tension of the suc

    26 07 2022
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    In 2022, our company has been placing and advertisement on the homepage of the CPI website. Interested customers should view the relevant advertisement content on the CPI website .

    16 02 2022
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    Happy National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival !

    Happy National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival !This year National Holiday is combined with Mid-Autumn FestivalWe get 8days off . So it’s a good chance for you to get together with your families or friends.Saixin wishes all employees and customers a happy holiday ! ! !

    28 09 2023
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    Revolutionary Construction Solution - Shuttering Magnet

    In the construction industry, traditional wooden formwork has been widely used to support concrete pouring. However, this traditional formwork system has some inherent problems, such as time-consuming installation and dismantling, vulnerability to damage, and the requirement of significant manpower.

    26 07 2023
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    Seize the opportunity and dare to open up - "the Belt and Road" high-quality development forum, focus on new development journey, and help enterprises "go global"

    On June 3th, the 2nd “Belt and Road” high-quality development forum for China's concrete and cement products industry was successfully held at 403 Nanjing World's Fair Conference Center. Guests gathered in the venue, friends full, experts and scholars from high-level direction, the industry to teach

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