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Through continuous development in recent years, SAIXIN has developed a precast fromwork system that can be used flexibly, quickly, safely and efficiently in various fields. The main feature of SAIXIN magnetic formwork is that the formwork integrates high-performance magnets, and the length and height can be adjusted at will. You can choose the position to fix the formwork at will. The disassembly is easy that you can operate it by hand, crane or robot .This provides a cost-effective solution for the production of high-quality precast concrete components. Our concrete shuttering systems consist of several interchangeable parts, which can be combined to produce wall panels , beams, and columns with various sizes and thicknesses. We offer our customers tailor-made solutions according to their needs and budget. The focus is always on economic efficiency and to maximum the benefits that our solutions bring into your production process. Whether you already know your exact requirements or you are looking for a problem-solver-in any case we are happy to support you. Get more details from SAIXIN magnetic formwork supplier.

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We have been designing and producing shuttering magnets and magnetic assemblies for precast concrete .
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