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Shuttering Technological Process
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Shuttering Technological Process

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Steel plate                         steel section

  flattening                                      straightening

           Cutting                              cutting

      ↘                       ↙      

               Bending            drilling  






                                  Polishing    milling






                       Assembling with magnet system

Precast concrete shuttering is modular structural mould. First of all, design drawings according to customer requirement. During mass production, control tolerance is the most important.

1. prepare the raw material (steel plate or steel section).

2. laser cutting the raw material according with the drawings. Before cutting, flatten steel plate or straighten steel section is necessary to help control the following process tolerance.

3. bending and drilling the cutted steel plate or steel section, before this process, making mould for angles and arcs to reduce accumulated error. Regarding to drilling, in theory it can be done when laser cutting, the rest can be done by drilling machine.

4. Combine all the parts with welding, in order to avoid any deformations, use professional fixture and appropriate welding method. During welding process, control the accurate size for each step.

5. After combined welding, straightening is important process. Adjust the accumulated tolerance and deformations.

6. Polish the surface, especially the weld points, gaps and etc., meanwhile milling machine will be used for chamfer, flat surface, wave surface and etc.if necessary.

7. Inspect the tolerance.

8. After Passing inspection, the following process is painting. Before painting, clean the welding slags, oil stain and dust.

9. Assembling with magnet system, can be used flexibly, rapidly, safely and efficiently in PC industry.

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