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  • Concrete formwork serves as a mold to produce concrete elements having a desired size and configuration. This article will talk about concrete formwork design. Click for more information.

  • How to choose the correct fixing magnetic products? This is necessary to comprehensively consider the production process of precast concrete products, such as fixed platform or vibration platform, rebar spacing, steam kiln temperature, shuttering height, embedded parts specifications.For example...

  • Precast concrete shuttering is modular structural mould. First of all, design drawings according to customer requirement. During mass production, control tolerance is the most important.

  • With the rapid development of construction industrialization in developing countries, more and more PC factories began to use magnet box to fix sideform, but many factories also complain, there will be obvious demagnetization after a period of time using the magnet box, . Since the holding force is

  • At present, many insert magnets on the market have no enough holding force as standard requested, that is why embedded parts remove when work, also the magnetic surface has no any protection, the product wastage is very serious, so many people regard the insert magnet as a consumable part.

  • SAIXIN magnet box is the new magnetic fixture designed for fixing precast concrete formwork, compared to the traditional way of bolted fixing, magnet box can be disassembled quickly with flexible operation, strong holding force, and consequently improve the work efficiency, reduce man power, low dow

  • Why Choose UsAlong with the development of the industrialization of construction in many developing countries, magnetic fixtures in the precast concrete industry has been widely recognized and applies in production. We have been designing and producing magnetic fixtures since 2008,.

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