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SAIXIN® Insert Magnet Protection System
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SAIXIN® Insert Magnet Protection System

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At present, many insert magnets on the market have no enough holding force as standard requested, that is why embedded parts remove when work, also the magnetic surface has no any protection, the product wastage is very serious, so many people regard the insert magnet as a consumable part. This kind of underselling, not pay attention to improve the quality competition behavior, cause the market disorder.  SAIXIN® series insert magnets products with the advanced magnet protection system, can effectively protect the magnet from corrosion from outside material, improve the abrasion resistance, then improve the service life of the magnet. So, we make a instruction of the magnet material property and the manufacturing process of SAIXIN insert magnet,we hope people can pay more attention to the insert magnet quality.

TEST 1: Magnet Drop Test

As we know, the magnet is fragile material. we let the magnet fall from 1 meter height,we can see, the magnet is immediately broken.


TEST 2: Insert Magnet Abrasion Resistance Test

According to the feedback and requirements of our customers, we design a new insert magnet, add a metal plate protection on the traditional magnet surface, like the below picture:

When we use the insert magnet, magnet bottom (magnetic surface) frequently contact with the steel platform, occasionally have concrete into the magnetic surface, this collision and corrosion will damage the magnet, then cause the magnetic unrecoverable attenuation, so the magnetic surface protection is very important. Here we use the polisher and hard iron parts to test the protected and unprotected insert magnet respectively.

Firstly we use polisher to polish the magnet bottom, keep magnetic surface smooth and clean, then let the hard iron and magnetic surface adsorb and separate , knock, simulate the situation of magnet in use.

Insert magnet abradability test comparison picture

We can see from the picture, after a series of destructive test, for the insert magnet which add metal plate protection , although there is a slight scratch on the bottom, but underneath magnet is well,and the holding force is not affected, it still can be normally used; but for the insert magnet which without protected, the magnet is badly broken, and the holding force is greatly reduced, and it is no longer able for use.

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