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Why Choose Us

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Along with the development of the industrialization of construction in many developing countries, magnetic fixtures in the precast concrete industry has been widely recognized and applies in production. We have been designing and producing magnetic fixtures since 2008, we have rich experiences in this field and have high quality standard. Compare with other supplier, we have the following advantages.

1) Original Manufacturer

Since 2008, we have developed into one of the largest manufacturers of magnetic fixtures in China. We have 3000 square meters workshop and warehouse and 30+ workers. We supply high quality products with competitive prices comparing to Germany or other brands. Using our expertise in magnetic components and experience of supporting for prefabricated building industry, we have already begun to serve numerous well-known concrete elements manufacturing plants. We also provide precast concrete magnetic fixtures to international business companies.

2) Professional Equipment

In order to ensure the good quality of products, we introduce professional equipment, design and produce professional magnetic fixtures products.

3) Short Delivery Period

We have sufficient human resources and sufficient inventory. Compared with the long delivery time of the German supplier, we can guarantee the delivery in a shorter time.

4) Quality Guarantee

We have been designning and producing magnetic fixtures since 2008, we collected rich experience and have high quality standard.

a.) We paint epoxy layer on the magnet surface and cover the magnet with stainless steel cover to protect the magnet. 


 b.)We test on each batch of products to ensure the good quality. 


 c.) we improved the technique, use the combination of welding and seam connection to connect the steel case to improve the firmness of the product and increase the service life.


5) Worldwide sales and service

We have the right of import and export to sell our products to all parts of the world. Presently we have agent in Thailand, and we plan to set up agents all over the world in the near future. In this way, we can provide good service.

6) D & R

With strong design and research and development capabilities, we guarantee continuous innovation and meet customer needs.

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