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Magnetic Fixture to Produce Precast Concrete Elements
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Magnetic Fixture to Produce Precast Concrete Elements

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Hualin Green Construction Technology Co., Ltd., an EPC company offering project development, detailed designs and the production of concrete elements. It has designed a laminated element mould with standard pitch in a creative way, and a modular system featuring a 1000kg magnetic suction box. The shuttering system can maximize the versatility of moulds for several applications. With the integrated magnetic being reusable for a long time, reduces amortization costs of the mould while at the same time increasing production efficiency.

shuttering systemshuttering system

The integrated shuttering magnet is an indispensable component of shuttering system. Its final makeup came into being after years of employment, monitoring, and comparative evaluation indicating that the service life of Ningbo Saixin's precast concrete magnet is exceeded by two years. Furthermore, with the magnetic box used in line with standard operating procedures, Saixin also provides maintenance and spare parts replacement services for free within one year, thus greatly extending its service life. Saixin is confident that its magnetic box can still operate for years to come.

shuttering magnet

The system is needed for China's prefabricated construction industry to learn from, and meet up with, international advanced experience in resolving related issues in creative way by taking into consideration real and specific individual situations in each case of application. This requires companies from all fields of the industry chain to work together. In this regard, Ningbo Saixin has developed into a specialist in magnetic fixture solution to produce precast concrete system.

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