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  • What Are The Differences Between Formwork And Shuttering


    The differences between formwork and a shuttering are so small that many people don't know exactly where the two are used. This article introduces some detailed differences between them and some applications for your reference. Read More

  • Why Prefabricated Buildings Can Rise to National Strategy in China


    After decades of rapid development, China cast-in-situ construction technology can be said to have reached quite a high level, but why should we vigorously promote the development of prefabricated buildings? Read More

  • Brief Introduction of Shuttering Magnet with Real Examples


    Shuttering magnets are always used in precast concrete industry. Precast buildings use precast concrete to make products of various shapes, while concrete wall panels and shuttering magnets are used to hold them in a place. Click to get more information. Read More

  • Brief Introduction of Shuttering Magnet


    Precast Concrete Magnet/ Shuttering Magnet is the new type building material which are widely used in construction site, with the development of technology, more and more machines match the building industry. So that the shuttering magnets production is invented, Please look at below details. Read More

  • 6 Types of Formwork for Concrete Structures


    Formwork is used in concrete construction, the mould which make the concrete is poured and allowed to harden. Types of concrete formwork for construction depends on concrete formwork materials and type of formworks construction element. Normal features of different types of formworksEnough firm to s Read More

  • Magnetic Fixture to Produce Precast Concrete Elements


    The integrated shuttering magnet is an indispensable component of shuttering system. Its final makeup came into being after years of employment, monitoring, and comparative evaluation indicating that the service life of Ningbo Saixin's precast concrete magnet is exceeded by two years. Read More

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