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Brief Introduction of Shuttering Magnet
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Brief Introduction of Shuttering Magnet

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Precast Concrete Magnet/ Shuttering Magnet is the new type building material which are widely used in construction site, with the development of technology, more and more machines match the building industry. So that the shuttering magnets production is invented, Please look at below details.

The magnetic strength is the most important key for shuttering magnets, so our magnet made up of the rare earth, and match the different element, providing the most magnetic strength to suit for the casting bed.

To avoid making the magnet damage, we layered the magnets and screwed them tight. With the help of R&D team. Our shuttering magnets have developed ninth generation with easier to operate.

shuttering magnetshuttering magnets

Our new shuttering magnets as below, the new magnetic box adopts a new structural design and different way of using. With the help of the lever principle in mechanics, we can easily realize the function of the magnetic box turned on/off that only using one hand. Therefore, compared with the common magnetic box to use, it is more convenient, fast, and without using other tools again. So it can save cost, improve efficiency and produce better precast concrete products.

shuttering magnet bottom viewshuttering magnet planform

shuttering magnet side viewshuttering magnet side view (2)

The more information about the shuttering magnet will be introduced through other articles. We are professional factory of magnetic products. Hope providing the better products to suit for precast concrete industry.

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