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Small Magnetic Test Instrument
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Small Magnetic Test Instrument


Product Description

As an important auxiliary part of PC production, with the increase of component demand, there are more and more magnet box manufacturers, but there is no unified product quality standard at present. So, in the face of a variety of magnetic boxes, how should customers choose a good magnetic box?

Except material, bending angle, surface treatment, etc., the most important and basic of a high-quality magnetic box is to ensure that the suction meets the product requirements.

In order to let customers clearly "see" the adsorption force of the magnetic box and use it safely, our technicians have specially  developed a small magnetic test instrument, which can  "portable, easy to use and accurate data", so that customers can have professional data reference in the process of purchasing the magnetic box and test the suction force of the magnetic box after long-term use, also can evaluate the demagnetization of the magnetic box.

Bad quality and insufficient suction of the magnetic box may lead to mold running and slurry leakage in the production process, and also determine the service life of the magnetic box. Saixin is willing to take the company's concept of "customer first, pursuit of excellence" as the first element to produce the prefabricated components.

【Product specification】

【 Use-method】

1. Connect the oil pump with the equipment and the sensor with the display. Pay attention to the opening and missing error proofing device at the port.

2. Loosen or remove the screw at the tail of the oil pump (exhaust air), and open the upper cover of the oil cylinder.

3. Rotate the pressure relief screw in front of the oil pump counterclockwise, and then manually press the oil cylinder downward, and the lifting ring can move downward.

4. Place the magnetic box in the center of the workbench (you can use the lifting ring hanging method), and then tighten the screws of the open lifting ring.

5. After manually pressing the oil pump to suspend the magnetic box, operate step 3 again, take out the buckle (do not touch the magnetic box), and press down the magnetic box switch.

6. Adjust the display unit to kg, press the peak value to peak and auto, tighten the pressure relief screw clockwise and start pressing the oil pump.

7. Operate slowly and uniformly during pressing, watch the displayed value, and reduce the operation speed by half when it reaches 80%.

8. When the peak value is reached, the display will display the maximum pull-out value and retain the test data.

【 points for attention】

1. There is a precision sensor on the lifting ring. Please do not collide or be damaged by other external forces.

2. Ensure that the workbench is clean and tidy and oiled to prevent rust.

3. When the oil pump is disassembled, the pressure shall be relieved before operation to prevent hydraulic oil overflow.

4. This equipment is a precision testing equipment, so it should be well protected during logistics and storage.

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