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2100 KG Concrete Shuttering Magnet Box
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2100 KG Concrete Shuttering Magnet Box

SX-2100B Shuttering Magnet Box vertical pulled off force ≥2100kgs,external dimension 320x120x60mm, N.W. 7.8kgs, magnet box material is stainless steel, suitable for produce the thickness more than 15mm solid wall plate. Be used with customized adapter, suitable mold height recommended: 120-300mm.
  • SX-2100B

  • 2pcs per carton

  • 15days


  • rare earth magnets and metal box

  • 320 x 120 x 60mm

  • 2100kgs above

  • 7.8kgs

  • no

  • 1-3 years


◆ Item no: SX-2100B

◆ Vertical Suction: ≥ 2100 kgs

◆ Size: 320 x 120 x 60mm

◆ Box Material: stainless steel

◆ Be used with customized adapter

◆ Suitable mold height recommended: 120-300mm

SAIXIN® SX-2100B Shuttering Magnet Box Vertical pulled off force ≥2100kgs,external dimension 320x120x60mm, N.W.7.6kgs, suitable for produce the thickness more than 15mm solid wall plate .

Precast Concrete Magnet is a new magnetic assembly which is used to fix the formwork in precast industry. The assembly consists of some strong neodymium magnets and steel plates which form to certain designed magnetic circuit. This magnetic circuit provides very much strong adhesive force to any ferrous workpiece. We develop the push ON/OFF button to open or close the magnetic power outside of the box.


1. Reducing the complexity and time of the installation of formwork (up to 70%).

2. Universal use for mass production of concrete products, and piece products of all forms on the same steel table.

3. Eliminates the need for welding, shuttering magnets does not damage the steel table.

4. Makes it possible to produce different shape and size concrete elements.

5.The main advantage of the shuttering magnets is that you do not need to have a lot of different forms for different products, you need to have a set of magnets, adapters for different height boards and steel table.

There is an ON/OFF button on the top of the shuttering magnets. At work state, press the button, 2100kg shuttering magnet box fixed the shuttering on the platform firmly, Pull up the button with lever, shuttering magnet box is at closed state and can be moved.
(1) The suction of shuttering magnet box is based on thickness and smooth degree of the platform, the thicker and smoother the better. And lateral shear force depends on the suction of shuttering magnet box and the friction coefficient of the touching surface.
(2) Two screws on two sides of the shuttering magnet box can be connected with different adapter, fix different formworks, such as steel angle, steel channel, etc.
(3) SAIXIN® shuttering magnet box is made of permanent neodymium magnets, In theory, if the MAX working temperature is below 80℃ and the magnet is not damaged or corroded, the suction will be lasted forever.


Maintenance&Safety Guidelines

(1)In order to avoid the magnet box damaging, do not crash and use hard tools to knock it. Please knock with rubber hammer if must use tools.

(2) Shuttering Magnet box touching surface should be kept clean and smooth, avoid the scrap iron or concrete grout going inside the box, otherwise the button flexible degree will be affected and the magnet will be slanted, caused the magnet can not be fixed on the platform closely and the suction weakened.

(3)As suction of shuttering magnet box is very strong, please avoid closing it to precision instruments,electronic instruments and other iron material. Once they absorb together, it is difficult to separate. Suggest making special tool box to keep them.

(4)Shuttering magnet box touching surface should be kept clean and smooth always. And it should be oiled when storage. Max working and storage temperature should be below 80℃,and no corrosive medium around. Always check if the working surface fix the platform closely and the button flexible degree to ensure the normal use.

(5)After using , clean the magnet boxes, and put on stainless steel tool holder. Do not use iron tool holder.


SAIXIN® shuttering magnets offer an ideal range of applications which are perfectly suitable for all kinds of formwork construction, both for wood and steel shutterings.

SAIXIN® shuttering magnet is made of permanent neodymium magnets, which has strong holding force. The magnet system can be activate and deactivate when you push the button. With the accordingly developed adaptor, SAIXIN shuttering magnets meet your requirements at all times.

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Holding Force Testing

SX-2100B 2100KG Shuttering Magnets Holding Force Testing

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