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Assembled Research | Magnet Formwork

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Assembled Research | Magnet Formwork

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The prefabricated concrete magnet formwork is composed of formwork steel bar and embedded magnetic suction cup system. The steel formwork can be made into various sizes to apply to the side formwork of different concrete components.

Through the tension of the suction cup, the steel mold can be pulled to the bottom of the formwrok , so that the edge of the component to be formed is fixed. Since the steel formwork (fabricated building) and the suction cup are a whole, there will be no position movement to ensure that the formwork system is not deformed. At the same time, the simple and fast operation of the suction cup makes the whole work safer and more stable. Using the matching crowbar, the suction cup can be pried up, and then the steel mold can be easily removed from the bottom of the formwork .

Since the suction cup system is located in the steel formwork groove, the concrete residue or other dirt will not damage the whole side formwork system.

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