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4 features for prefabricated building
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4 features for prefabricated building

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Prefabricated building means that the building’s main components are assembled in a factory, transported to the site and then assembled as a whole. Therefore, this kind of structure has a high degree of industrial production, high construction speed, can effectively ensure the quality of components, the construction will not be affected by the environment, it is especially suitable for some buildings with large construction workload and relatively uniform quality requirements of components.

Features for prefabricated building

1. Fast speed and high degree of standardization for Fabricated construction

Since some or all of the components of the precast prefabricated building are produced centrally in factories or precast yards, the superstructure and substructure of such buildings may be constructed simultaneously, the precasting of the upper component is not influenced by the weather of rain, snow and typhoon, so it can speed up the construction progress and shorten the construction period. In addition, because the components are concentrated and mass-produced, the standardization, industrialization and integration of the construction can be greatly improved, and the quality of the components can be guaranteed, thus improving the production quality of the whole building structure.

2. Less input of materials in construction site

As the main or all components of the precast prefabricated building are produced and processed indoors, the workload of the field construction can be greatly reduced, thus reducing the input of the field formwork, labor, etc. . On the one hand, it can reduce the safety risk of high-altitude operation, on the other hand, it can speed up the construction progress, reduce the production cost and safety cost input, and has good social and economic benefits.

3. Realize the Modern look Wall and the multi-function design

As the components of the precast prefabricated building are manufactured in an industrial manner, various complex and novel components and facades can be conveniently produced by changing the shape and size of the steel formwork; At the same time, the building materials such as concrete and steel structure are combined to design a multi-functional and novel building structure. In addition, according to the customers’ needs to choose the functional zoning of the building structure and the functional requirements of the interior and exterior walls, to achieve multi-functional autonomous design.

4. The one-time investment cost is high, but Good long-term economic returns

In the early stage, the prefabrication plant has a large investment in hardware facilities, and the prefabrication components generally require refined production and processing, as well as a high demand for software and technology. In addition, the transport of precast members is characterized by high self-weight, high transportation cost and high hoisting cost, so the construction cost of precast prefabricated building is relatively high. However, with the increase of industrial production efficiency and transport efficiency of components, and the recovery and utilization of components in later period, the long-term economic benefit returns, so the overall investment is not significant,  and may decrease.

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