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Brief Introduction of Shuttering Magnet with Real Examples
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Brief Introduction of Shuttering Magnet with Real Examples

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With the development of science and technology, our industrial production and life become more and more simple and easier. In the construction industry, building a new house is as easy as building blocks.

It is well known that the outbreak has taken place in China, the country and people are fighting against it. At this moment, all kinds of materials are shipped to Wu Han. Our government needs a large number of hospital beds to place patients, so we built two new hospitals that can accommodate 2500 beds. And these strict hospitals are finished in 10 days, we are proud of the strength of our country's precast concrete industry. Now let me introduce some knowledge about precast concrete magnet.

precast concrete building construction

Precast buildings use precast concrete to make products of various shapes, while concrete wall panels and shuttering magnets are used to hold them in a place. The electric box magnets are placed on a metal pallet to fix the metal mold, preventing the mold moving and keeping the shape as same as before. After high-temperature drying, we will get a complete precast concrete product.

1000kg shuttering magnet used in composite slabs production

Shuttering magnets are made up of clamping handle, fixing screw, steel shell, and magnetic array. It is important that the magnetic array must use the strong magnet. And the steel shell is 4mm at least. 

precast concrete magnet

Now the precast concrete building is more and more popular, we can not only producing shuttering magnets, but also all kinds of magnetic products for precast concrete.

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