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Ningbo Saixin Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd. is engaging in providing full solutions in magnetic formwork system for precast concrete industry. Our main products include SAIXIN brand shuttering magnet box and accessories, magnetic shuttering, magnetic chamfer and all kinds of insert magnts and bushing magnets. Using magnetic
shuttering system in precast concrete production, we can avoid the damage in the platform, improve work efficiency, save manpower, and magnetic fixtures can be reusable, it has the very good economic benefits.
We have been designing and producing shuttering magnets and m...

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we are the professional manufacturer of shuttering magnets and insert magnets in china,we can offer the most cost-effective products,our company have professional researcher and test equipment to ensure each product holding force is greater than the set value. Our products have the protection system, it can effectively protect the magnet from corrosion,improve the abrasion resistance and then improve the service life of the magnet.

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